The Ministry of Tourism visited Raiatea last Saturday to attend the presentation of the new hotel investment project, the Apatoa Beach & Garden Village.

Senator Lana Tetuanui, the mayors of Tumaraa, Cyril Tetuanui, and of Uturoa, Matahi Brotherson accompanied by elected municipal officials, the president of the CCISM, Stéphane Chin Loy, and the president of the association of women entrepreneurs of France (FCE) Carine Rouvier, were also present at this ceremony.

After investing for 22 years in the aeronautical precision industry, Nathalie and Didier Candalot have chosen to invest in French Polynesia. Managers of SARL Apatoa, they presented, last Saturday, a 4-star hotel project under the Apatoa commercial brand in Fetuna, a municipality associated with Tumaraa in Raiatea.

The investment program consists of the construction of a 4-star tourist hotel with 16 keys divided into garden comfort bungalows (5), luxury beach bungalows (10) and an exclusive panoramic villa.

This investment program also provides for the creation of several common spaces such as:

  • 1 restaurant with 60 seats;
  • 1 bar and terrace area;
  • 1 spa with a body care area, beauty treatments and a fitness room;
  • 1 cultural and event space with in particular the presence of a marae;
  • 1 swimming pool with basin;
  • 1 equipped beach.

As the project leaders recalled, this future hotel will make it possible to offer a product focused on luxury and ecology and will integrate the 3 fundamental dimensions of sustainable development which are the economy, the ecology and the social.

The architecture will be inspired by two seashells very present in French Polynesia: the “trochus” and the “7 fingers”. Still with the aim of integrating the project into the environment, plant species but also native species will be established in order in particular to create natural hedges between the accommodation units and throughout the establishment.

Finally, in terms of jobs and during the construction phase, the work will be entrusted to 3 local companies while in the operational phase the future hotel will create 25 jobs which will be recruited mainly in the municipality of Tumaraa and the municipalities around.

On the occasion of the presentation, the Ministry of Tourism wished to thank the Candalot couple for continuing to believe in the destination despite the crisis situation. This project will breathe new life into the municipality of Tumaraa.

For the Ministry of Tourism, this project is part of the Fari’ira’a Manihini 2025 strategy contributing to the diversification of the accommodation offer on the island of Raiatea. It is thus added to the 3 hotel establishments on the island that make up the park of 87 tourist accommodation.

The hotel is scheduled to open in April 2023.

Source : Bureau de la communication de la Présidence de la Polynésie française, communiqué de Presse du lundi 25 octobre 2021